Landscape Design for Rain and Heat – CA Native Plants & Birds, too!

Well, it’s January 2023, and the skies are open!! Our beautiful East Bay (clay) hillsides are saturated, and the water is running, winding, pouring, and pooling.

Here’s one of our projects with our great clients in South Walnut Creek. Their lovely home backs against the hills of open space, so we’re helping them divert the water from their home’s foundation with some simple fence reinforcements and some surgically installed drainage systems. We’re also keeping the whole cycle of California weather in mind and preparing their garden for the heat and dry that will come in the summer months.

Goodbye Danville CA Lawn! Sod Cutter!

How many ways are there to remove a lawn?


Our preferred method is with a sod cutter. It’s hard work, but it’s relatively fast.

It also does little damage to the soil, so we have healthy soil to begin the next iteration of the landscape, which will be a beautiful California Native Plant Garden, set in a pebble surface.

This Danville, CA, neighborhood got pounded by the January 2023 floods, so the homeowners want a surface that stays put and drains well!

Here we go!