clasic and cool design trends

Outdoor residential design trends are a combo of how people want to live and what the climate demands.

Here are a few trends that we love because they make it more fun to live at your house!

  1. Front-yard conversation patios!
    • bring the kids!
    • stop by for 20 mins…
    • casual, fun, spontaneous
  2. Focal-point seating
    • great way to create intention in your space
    • a place to linger, read, check messages
    • welcoming!!
  3. Decorative rock / pebble ground cover
    • stays in place during rain and flooding
    • relatively easy for gardeners to keep clean
    • manages ground temperature for CA native plants and their root systems
  4. Berms
    • create height differentials in the grade and are helpful with water management
  5. Boulders
    • give shape and order to a landscape and protect the roots of your valuable plants
  6. Paths – flagstone, pavers, bricks
    • show people how to move in the space
    • great way to traverse a yard, particularly when using pebble or mulch
    • beautiful
    • lead the eye to focal points
    • organize transitions between terrain and surface materials
  7. Privacy screens
    • great between neighbors when needed
    • great to section off large yards
    • great to hide rubbish bins, ACs, etc
  8. Aromatic gardens
    • so many native plants have beautiful scents to bring your garden to your olfactory receptor neurons
    • beautiful
    • seasonal, and with perennials, return every year
    • encourage pollinators for your other plants, including your citrus and/or vegetables!
  9. Dry creeks
    • are composed of natural materials that give an organic flow to a landscape
    • show off boulders and rocks
    • create drainage areas to allow rainfall to absorb slowly and remain in your water table