goodbye grass – lawn demolition

One of the decisions to be made is how to get rid of your existing lawn. Most homeowners prefer a physical removal with a sod cutter. Our crews are quick, efficient, and protect as much useable soil as possible.

Difficult grasses (Bermuda grass, kikuyu grass, St. Augustine grass, nut sedges, bindweed, and Bermuda buttercup) may require herbicides, which we use with extreme caution and only when necessary.

After your lawn is gone, you have options like weed fabric or cardboard to diminish the return of stray grasses. The next layer is usually mulch or decorative rock.

Sometimes homeowners are brave/bold and choose to allow the soil to breath. In these cases, no weed fabric or cardboard. Instead, we spread 4 to 6 inches of gorilla hair mulch right on the dirt. Great for the soil! However, future weed management is very likely.

We are happy to discuss all of these options and help you choose the one that is best for your yard and most realistic for your lifestyle.

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