plants – why California natives?

California’s future—our future—depends on native plants. 

Thriving native plant ecosystems host the bees and butterflies that pollinate your food. Native oaks filter the air so you can breathe. Wetland plants absorb nutrients and trap sediment to clean your water.

Native plants are amazing! Can you imagine what your life would be without them? California has made an ambitious commitment to protecting 30% of our lands and waters by 2030. We must protect native plant habitats across our state. The great part is that each of us can experience the joy of connecting with nature in our own neighborhoods.

We bring California native plants to your landscape because they are:

  • beautiful – full of life, texture, and color
  • low-water plants, perfect for our drought-tolerant needs
  • rooted in more than 15M years of site-specific evolution
  • healthier WITHOUT fertilizers and pesticides
  • food sources for bees, butterflies, moths, flies, birds, and lizards
  • shelter for desirable insects (who are the base of our food chain)
  • good for California and the planet (and humans)